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Another year, another iPhone. 2012 brings the iPhone 5, with the usual long lines at Apple stores and lots of hype. But this is actually a very solid upgrade: the iPhone 5 has a 4" Retina display and true 4G LTE. While the 3.5" display on prior iPhones seemed downright old fashioned in terms of screen real estate, the 4", 1136 x 640 display feels like there's room to spread out and read web pages without chronic zooming. The on-screen keyboard likewise is wider in landscape mode and easier to use. There's an extra row of apps on the home screen. Trust me, you'll notice the difference. And at 326ppi and 500 nits of brightness plus high contrast, it's one of the best displays on the smartphone market. Apple claims it has a 44% wider color gamut that covers the full sRGB spectrum (that's pretty impressive). The only caveat? Apps that haven't been updated to support the new resolution will have black bars at the top and bottom (we expect most popular apps will get updated quickly).

Apple reps have referred to the phone as ‘the most beautiful ever made’ and it seems like consumers agree. The new phone features an anodised black panel and the rest of the phone is glass. Bloggers have been split on the issue of the new phone’s aesthetics. It’s also 20% lighter than the previous phone, which is quite an improvement. It also comes with a larger screen and widescreen capability. Marry this to the new much-trumpeted 4G data speeds and you have the perfect tool for streaming video on the go.
All the indicators say that the iPhone is sure to be a success. We want to know if you’re one of those waiting to receive your shiny new device. Which plan are you going with, and which new features have persuaded you to upgrade from your previous phone?

iPhone 5 Camera review

There's a dynamic low-light mode, a precision lens alignment, sapphire crystal which leads to better quality images at 8 megapixels. The resolution of the front camera has been increased to 720p HD.
There's also a Panorama mode for capturing landscapes and the image is saved at a 28 megapixel resolution.

iPhone 5 Battery life

The battery can give you 8 hours on LTE which is an improvement over the iPhone 4S.

The Dock Connector

The small dock connector is USB 3 compatible and that makes it 10x faster than the USB 2 30-pin connector. The dock connector has been named Lightning. It is 80% smaller than the previous connector and has an adaptive interface, is more durable and can be plugged into any orientation.

The 4G LTE

Having 4G LTE on the iPhone 5 means that the users will be able to see improvements when streaming HD videos or high quality audio streams. The 4G LTE supports speeds up to a 100Mbps. The Wi-Fi supports two bands which are the 2.4GHz and the 5GHz.

The Accessories

A dock connector convertor is being presented for the iPhone by the name 'Lightning to 30-pin Adapter'. This allows users to use old accessories with the new hardware. All of the older accessories are compatible with the new device, except for the cases and sleeves.

iPhone 5 with iOS 6

iPhone 5 come up with iOS 6, read more about iOS 6 features.

iPhone 5 with Nano-SIM

There's a new type of SIM card featured in the iPhone 5 which has been called by many as Nano-SIM. This new SIM card needs to be obtained from the network carrier in order for the iPhone 5 to work properly.

iOS 6

The iPhone 5 ships with iOS 6, Apple's latest operating system for their phones and tablets. It features the following improvements and additions:
- Apple's new maps (Google Maps is gone from the stock firmware)
- Improved Siri that can now handle queries about location-based things and more
- Passbook: think Keyring loyalty reward card keeper plus tickets for movies and airlines with boarding passes
- Do Not Disturb: turn off all those annoying reminders to play Words with Friends when you want to sleep. Don't worry, your wakeup alarm will still sound. You can schedule DND, so you don't have to remember to enable and disable it every morning and evening.
- Facebook integration with the address book, calendar and the Safari web browser
- Shared photo streams
- Panorama mode for photos
And yes, Apple's maps can be quirky, though it hasn't guided us to Uganda yet for Mexican food. Mostly we've noticed POIs oddities when zooming: with no rhyme or reason POIs disappear when zooming and returning to an old zoom level, but that doesn't bring back suddenly missing POIs. And some landmarks like the Eiffel Tower look foreshortened or squashed. But keep in mind that Google Maps had us going in endless circles around our big box store destinations and told us to drive into a creek when it first came out 5 years ago. Nokia Maps in the US were even more likely to send us two countries away for dinner. I suspect that Apple will hone Maps soon enough, and since all data comes from their servers, they can iterate it quickly and easily. But until then, rely on your carrier-bundled navigation solution (often powered by Telenav) or third party offerings for mission critical destinations.

iPhone 5 Price

The 16GB model is priced at $199, the 32GB is $299 and the 64GB is $399. There's also a two year contract from Verizon, AT&T or Sprint. The device is available in two colors which are black and white.

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