Navigation – Digital Road Maps!

Navigation System leads you to know the current traffic and other information.BMW navigation will provide you digital road maps which are up-to-date two times in a year according to the latest maps. It will help you to reach your destination in more secure and fast way. It will help you to avoid traffic, will give you the shorter path and route, and will scene the roads and jams. Also it will give you details about the parking space and even you can get the restaurant tips. Amazing it is! Everything you ask to these digital road maps, they have the answers. It will give you much more information about your destination which you don’t know about your hometown. Life becomes so fast and easy with this navigation system and that too with fewer efforts; you can have all the information sitting in your car only.
NMI basic plus system
NMI basic plus system is another system that you can have in a navigation system. Audi navigation has this facility. It have a navigation system embedded with this technology, it has all the commands or say it is the center of them in MMI. It will give you the details about the roads of the country. It includes dynamic route guidance system that will help you to see the traffic on particular route and thus help you in choosing the best way out with less problems and efforts. It has high quality radio system and one of the features of it is that it has six slots of the CD changer. The display of the route and all the information will be on a screen of 6.5 inch size. Also it can give you voice output so that you can have greater clearance of the things.

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cheap toners canada said...

Love the 6.5 inch size screen.

March 25, 2012 at 2:08 PM

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