Great BBSettings iOS 5.0 Notification Center Widget [Cydia Tweak]

BBSettings is another interesting widget for the iOS 5 notification center developed by the Manuel Gebele – the same guy who developed the WeeFacebook. After installing the widget first thing you will notice is the distinct resemblance to the popular SBSettings app and UISettings another popular widget that we covered earlier for the iOS 5 notification Center

Once you install the BBSettings on your iOS 5 jailbroken device, you will see some toggles, Settings and new options in the notification center. It is completely free to download, but your iOS device need to be jailbroken.

following are some key features of BBSettings tweak.

Featured Apps – You can easily configure which are your most used apps.

Running Apps – Shows you all current running apps.

System Info – Shows you various device information such as Disk Usage, Memory Usage, Wi-Fi Stats, Cellular Data Stats etc.

Toggles – Simply activate or deactivate some most used features like Bluetooth, 3G, Rotation Lock, Respring, Flashlight etc.

Settings – Configure your most used Apps. Control your volume and display brightness. Fake your operator.
Watch the video below showing the BBSettings tweak in action.

You can install the BBSettings tweak by adding the following repo on Cydia.

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