How To Know Boyfriend or Girlfriend Cheating ?

Hi friends today i am gonna share with you my experience  In about 50% of the relationships some kind of cheating is involved. This is a terrible fact, but numerous relationships end due to dishonesty from one side or another more and more these days. Do you desire to know how to catch a cheater? Here is a simple method of discovering if your partner or spouse is cheating.You can have the answer to this in less than about 2 hours. We have divided this up into 3 easy to do steps.

First Step
This part is the toughest ? try to grab your partner's cell phone (when you won't get caught) for about 10 minutes. You should be able to do this since it is only for 10 minutes - just pick a good time.

A few suggestions for doing this are: do it when they are taking a bath, maybe they will take a trip to the store and leave it at home, or maybe the best time is when they are sleeping then take it to a different room to look at it. You are the best judge of the right times though, these are just a few samples of how some have done it.

Step Two:

Now that you have swiped their phone, look into the call logs that you can find on all cell phones (the list of all calls made). You need to look at all the outgoing and incoming calls that were handled.

Make a list on paper of all these people's phone numbers. This should not occupy too much of your time even in the case of many phone calls too, after you are finished then you need to put the phone away exactly where it was when you first took it.

Third Step:

Here is the last step in discovering if there is suspicious stuff going on with your relationship.

There is no time like the present to find out who belongs to the phone numbers your partner has been calling or conversing with. This step will allow you to locate the person's name to each number.

You can find whose phone number it is by looking in the reverse lookup online phone directory. This is a key point in helping discover a cheater.

Reverse lookup will give you all the information on the phone's owner. You will discover not only the person's identity but also their address and some information on their background.
You'll need to find an online reverse phone lookup service to do these searches (you'll do a search for each number on your list). These will cost a small fee but it isn't much. Just look for the option of paying a membership fee that costs you only once for as many searches as you want. This makes it more convenient and cheaper than paying by the search.

Yes you got it ? do a reverse look up on each number you made a list of and copy the details down. As you are running the search on the numbers, pay attention to the list and see if the names or call activity start being suspicious. If something smells a bit FISHY it will stand out big time.
This is the simplest of the ways to uncover a cheater and discover if your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse is being true to you. It is a strong, simple way to find the truth as far as your relationship goes.

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