Free iPhone 3GS Best Buy Offering Get It Now

Best Buy is offering free iPhone 3GS with 2 year contract today only. So they are up with their offer, if you want to get a free iPhone 3GS simple visit their store or drop your order through their site. Until now only Best Buy is come up with such cheap offer of iPhone 3GS.Well they are not the one who cuts the prices of iPhone models, we have also seen around the globe that resellers has cut down the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 price, in order to clean up their inventory for Apple’s next generation iPhone 5, which is due to launch late in September or in early October.

On Monday, Aug. 22, customers will be able to get a free AT&T 8GB iPhone 3GS at Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile specialty stores. This exclusive one-day offer is available in-store only on Monday, Aug. 22 either as new or upgrade with two-year activation. While supplies last.
You can find more info about this one day sale here.

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