At WWE SummerSlam 2011 John Cena Vs CM Punk for WWE Championship

Hi friends According to WWE wrestling news sources, WWE plans to conduct Championship match between Cena and Alberto Del Rio. Due to Cena's failure at Money In The Bank pay per view and also Alberto Del Rio's victory in Raw ladder match, WWE changed its plan by side kicking the Del Rio from the title storyline. In other words, WWE Champion CM Punk opened a new rivalry with his fellow brand new WWE Champion John Cena by appearing in July 25, 2011 Live Raw wrestling main event. It could develop a perfect story line to SummerSlam wrestling pay per view.

As we already know, CM Punk became new #1 contender at June 20th raw event, promised people that he walks out WWE as new WWE Champion because his contract with WWE expires at midnight of the Money In The Bank pay per view. However, the former chairman of WWE Mr. McMahon afraid of Punk's talk at June 27th event and suspended him by ordering WWE's technical officials to switch OFF his microphone. However, Punk was reinstated by same chairman because of Cena's force in July 4th event.
At Money In The Bank pay per view on July 17, 2011, CM Punk defeated John Cena in his town Chicago, became new WWE Champion but Mr. McMahon tried to get back his title by ordering Raw brand Mr. Money In The Bank Alberto Del Rio to cash his briefcase against CM Punk but Punk destroyed his plan by attacking Alberto Del Rio and left WWE as WWE Champion.
Mr. McMahon attended to July 18th event, said World Wrestling Entertainment is a wrestling promotion company, it does not stop its activities and conducted WWE Championship's tournament between Raw brand Money In The bank ladder match participants but postponed finals match. On same night, his son in law attended to Raw event and takes charge as chief operating officer by releasing Mr. McMahon from his duties because of Board's decision. At July 25th live event, the Chief Operating Officer Triple H conducted finals match between Rey Mysterio and Miz but also conducted another WWE Championship match between Rey Mysterio and John Cena. Cena utilized this opportunity, became brand new WWE Champion but shocked by seeing the man who defeated him at Money In The Bank pay per view and his fellow WWE Champion CM Punk.

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