How To add Recent post and Recent comment at sidebar For Blogger

Many from bloggers wish insatlling the widget of Recent post and Recent post at sidebar, and for this matter is several blogger creating recent post and recent comment widget by JavaScript, However i think that is not good for your blog SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Besides not good to SEO, installation JavaScript risk to slow down your blog loading, so that matter it's can make your visitor don't feel balmy.
To install recent post and recent comments, be in fact you can use your blog feed address. this is the address of Recent Post :

And this is the address of Recent Comments :
YourBlogName must be alter with your blog name. For example :

this is my Recent Post address :

And this is my Recent Comments address :

Still compused to install this feed address to your blog. Please follow the steps :

  1. Login to blogger with your ID
  2. Click at Page Element tab. See the picture below :
  3. page element
  4. Click at Add a Page element.
  5. After emerging pop up window , click add to blog button for the things Feed. See the picture following :
  6. feed element
  7. After that, Insert your feed URL (URL feed post for Recent posts or URL feed comment for recent comments). Example :
  8. feed url
  9. Click Continue button.
  10. Then alter the title with Recent Post for recent post widget or Recent Comments for recent comments widget. Example :
  11. feed url
  12. Click SAVE CHANGES button.
  13. Move that element where you want, and then click SAVE button.
  14. Finish. Please see the result.

Now you have had Recent Posts or Recent Comments widget at your sidebar with good SEO for your blog.That it Enjoy !

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