Reason Why Do Men Cheat On Their Wives?

So why do men cheat on their wives? There may be many reasons as to why men who's happily married could cheat on their wives and quite often, it's not exactly what women would like to hear, such as men are biologically wired to seek out as many suitable partners as possible or because they're not getting as much action at home or it's due to the reason that his wife refuses to try new things, there may be many reasons as to why men would cheat on their wives.

These arguments might be true in some circumstances but not all the time. What we're going to do is to look a little deeper into the whole relationship dynamics of a typical marriage to analyze what might have went wrong.

Everyone has their own image of an ideal relationship with their partner and what it would look and feel like. However, the reality is that at certain times you may feel that you've given your partner all that you can give, yet you wonder what more could you give to prevent them from cheating.

There is a certain concept called the 80/20 ratio that explains the relationship dynamics of marriage in regards each person expectations and commitments. basically, it explains that in many cercumstances, you might have felt that you're putting in 100% of your efforts to your marriage yet this might only satisfy 80% of your partners overall needs. you see, everyone would have a rough idea of what their ideal marriage would be like, where all their needs are fulfilled. but sadly not every marriage is perfect and so many times people would find that their partners could only provide for 80% of their overall needs. this means that it's more likely that your partner would find that extra 20% of needs can be satisfied by someone else.
Of course, this is not your fault as there is hardly a marriage where both partners can fully satisfy each others every need at 100%. Thus, a lot of room is needed for compromise. You may also consider whether your husband can provide for 100% of your own needs.

You must keep in mind that i'm not saying that everyone will automatically seek out other potential suiters to meet the 20% of the needs that they've been lacking in. but there is a high chance of them committing an affair if the opportunity presents itself to them in a descrete mannner. however, generally men are quite satisfied with having their wive provide for 80% of their needs and they wouldn't see any reasons to abandon that 80% just to gain that measly 20%.

The only time, which a man might be tempted to seek that missing 20% is when the situation and opportunity presented itself for him to experience what it's like. And so he will feel that someone you could not offer him that 20% which he's missing, therefore, he'd be more inclined to see in other women.

Keep in mind that this 80/20 ratio is not something scientific, it's simply a way to demonstrate the point that marriage is something along the lines of an agreement between two people where each strive to fulfill the needs of the other.

A truly lasting marriage will involve each person aspiring to work towards providing and fulfilling every aspect of their partners needs until that 20% is fully accounted for. Many cheaters would come to discover too late that instead of seeking out another person, they could have worked on that 20% that they felt was missing with their spouse.

This is the very reason why a lot of people who've cheated on their partners, would then later regret that they've made an irrational decision and have risked losing 80% of the fulfillment that they would get from their current spouse.

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