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Hi Friends Today I am gonna Share with you cool trick get adsense approval for free Google adsense is a good PPC advertising program and it paid for clicks.

In this post I am going to tell you how to approve in to Google adsense without waiting for SIX months. Because according to Google adsense policies you have to have a website which is registered in a particular domain for more than Six months. But by adhering to this method you only have to wait only 3-4 days.
Actually you don’t need a blog/website to sign up with Google adsense. But your blog/website should fulfill the criteria which are declared by adsense to implement Google ads inside your blog or website. Read adsense policies here

Now see how you can get approved in to Google adsense.

1.       You should go to the following website to send your application through that site.


2.       Sign up with your email and verify it.

3.       Log in to your account(It is like facebook)

4.       Then you have to fill your information(Profile)

“It is very important to have your own photo as the profile pic

5.       Upload 10 photos. It is better to upload your own photos. Don’t take photos from internet to upload.

“Your photos should be personal”

6.       Write 2 articles (Blogs) to your account

“Your blogs (articles) should be original and should have a minimum of 250 words in them. Do not write blogs about ways to earn online. 

7.       Upload some videos to your account as well (my opinion)

8.      Then check the eligibility for applying for Google adsense by visiting here 


9.       If you are eligible you can send your application to Google. If not you have to go back and correct.

10.   While your car applying make sure to grant control to Later you can change this.

Send your application and wait. They will reply you with a form to your email. Fill it and send it. That’s all. You will get approved. It will take 3 to 4 days for approval. Enjoy !

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