What is Niche Marketing?

Niche marketing is a very important aspect of marketing, but if you are unfamiliar with key marketing terms then it can seem a little confusing at first. This article aims to shed some light on the world of niche marketing.

Simply put, niche marketing does exactly what the name suggests – it is when businesses market their products or services to a ‘niche’ group. They can either set up their business so it caters to a niche from the
off, or it can identify a relevant niche when it develops a new product or service in order to promote it more

successfully to that group.

For example, a clothing company that makes clothes for adults might initially target their marketing towards all
adults. If they later introduced a new line of baby clothes, the group they marketed the products towards
would be slightly different: they would have to aim their promotions at the niche, which would probably be

largely new parents looking to clothe their babies. This would have an impact on how they engaged their
audience. For example, they might focus more on the practical side of the clothing rather than fashion, which they might be more likely to target with adult clothes.

Identifying a niche market is an important thing to do as it can be very beneficial for a business. For instance, if a company tried to market a product to the whole market, they might find that their promotions were too
general or bland, as in trying to appeal to everyone they’re not actually appealing directly to anyone at all.

Finding their most appropriate niche market means that they can target the needs and interests of that group and tailor their marketing appropriately.
For instance, hair straighteners are unlikely to appeal to the whole market, but they probably will appeal to
young women interested in their appearance. This is also a solid segment of the market as it is always

expanding and there is always going to be interest within that group for products like hair straighteners. With this knowledge in mind, the company could create a tailored marketing campaign designed to appeal to and engage with that market.
They could then develop the loyalty of that market by producing future products that appeal to their needs,
growing the brand as the niche market grows with them. This is a good business strategy as it takes into

account the limited appeal of the product while incorporating it into a larger plan for growth.
There are also instances where different products or services might need to be marketed differently to
different niches in order to sell them. For example, if you were trying to sell the same car to young people and older people, you might find that their reactions to marketing campaigns would differ and so that would have

to be taken into account in the marketing.
In essence, niche marketing is all about finding a target market for a product or service and then marketing directly to that group. It could be about growing a particular section of the market or about pitching the same thing to different people; either way, it pays to make the most of your niche markets.
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