Top 10 SEO Tricks for Beginners or bloggers

1. New Domain? Old Domain?

Do not purchase a brand new domain unless you absolutely have to. Google now has an "aging delay for all domains" check. New domains will be considered unreliable and need to "age" before it gains importance in the google index. If you had to use a brand new domain, expect to see 9-12 month delay before you are able to achieve top 20 position in any keyword. The trick is buy an old or expired domain.

2. Don't go for the popular keywords.

Do not try to tackle the popular keywords such as "travel" "computer", instead add a word before or after the keyword such as "travel tips" or "computer news". Many top 20 positions in less popular keywords is a thousand times better than a top 200 position in a extremely popular keyword.

3. Design your site to be "spider-friendly".

Remember spiders can not fill out forms or click on flash menus. Always have an alternative HTML link that spiders can travel through to crawl your entire site. The best way to go about this is have a sitemap that contains links to every page of your site. Google has a special place for web masters to submit their sitemaps. Use it!

4. Only link out to non-spammer, non-linkfarm and quality sites.

The truth is, it doesn't matter who links to you, you can have a thousand spammer and link farms that have links to your site, and it won't affect your rank with google. But if your site contains links to spammer and link farm sites, your site will also be marked as spammer or link farm. So the trick is, watch who you link to.

5. Put your most important keyword in your url and title tag.

Search engines such as google see your url as one of the most important factor for determining relevancy. For example, the top 20 positions for the keyword "wallpaper" are occupied by sites that contain the word "wallpaper" in their url. So if you want to achieve top 20 position in any keyword, the fastest way would be having that keyword in your url. Title tags are also very important for search engines, especially the first few words, put your most important keyword in the front of your site title.

6. Use keywords for folder names and file names.

This trick has became very well known recently. Use your relevant keywords for your sub-folder names and file names. For example if you have a web page called "contact_us.html" and your website is about selling "teddy bears". Then use "contact_us_for_teddy_bears.html" as your file name. Do the same thing for your folders and you will have a keyword rich url.

7. Make sure your site loads fast and rarely go down.

This may sound silly, but whenever a google bot or any other search engine spider visit your site. They will test your page load speed. If your site loads very slowly, your page rank will suffer as your site is now considered unfit for browsing. Also if your site is frequently down, your page rank will go down real fast.

8. Never rename your webpage unless your site is new

For established and popular websites, renaming your webpages will kill your rank in the search engines, you are essentially starting from scratch in terms of SEO. So if you are redesigning your site, remember keep the old file names.

9. Never implement ANY cloaking methods on your site

Site cloaking was popular a couple years ago. It means show one version of content to your visitors and show a different version of content to the search engine spiders. There are of course legitimate reasons for doing this. But due to popular usage by spammer sites, it is now considered instant ban if you cloak your site this way. Do not think the search engines will not find out. Google now frequently send out unknown bots from unknown ips for the sole purpose of detecting cloaked sites.

10. Do not over-optimize

Remember the most important asset for your site is not your search engine ranking, but your users. Never SEO your site to the extent of hurting user experience. Over-optimization for search engines may help you in the short-terms but you will wake up one day and find out that your site only have "visitors" but not "users".
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