Students Who Buy Windows 7 PC, Get free Xbox 360 4GB wahwoo

Microsoft has started a new back-to-school offer for Students – buy a new Windows 7-based PC and get a free Xbox 360 4GB console! The offer starts from May 22, 2011 at participating retailers for current students in the U.S. while supplies last.
windows xbox deal
Students with an .edu email address can purchase new Windows PC through participating retailers like, or Microsoft Store. If you don’t have a .edu address or want to buy from a participating Best Buy or any Microsoft Store, they will ask for your Student ID to verify.
Xbox 360 is a perfect companion to you Windows 7 PC, as it brings a world of entertainment at your fingertips. Besides a immersive gaming experience, it’s also easy to stream music, TV and more from your PC directly to your Xbox 360!
Update: A similar deal by Microsoft Canada starts May 27, wherein students can buy select number of new HP PCs priced at $599 (CAD) or more and get a free Xbox 360 4GB console.

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