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Again, this is the most waited feature for blogger users ( specially from ), and now it’s available for visitors only ( Exclusively again ), this is the first and the only tutorial around the web that tells you in really easy steps the integration of the new facebook comments box and blogger (blogspot) blogs.
What is the new facebook comments features.
  • Threaded comments : reply to comments.
  • User network : now it’s displaying the comment author not only name, but his profile info as well
  • Permalink to specific comments : Permalinks have now been assigned to each comment so people can share links and be directed to specific comments.
  • Notifications : sent to users will also go to the permalink, making it easier to respond. For example, clicking on the notification below will take you to the permalink of the original comment.
  • 2 Color schemes, regular light, and the new dark colors.
now let’s do it, don’t worry, i know that must of you tried to add it to blogger blogs, with no result, but today you’ll see how to add it in really easy steps and it’s 100% working. but please be careful and pay attention for all the details. 
first thing  you do is
Step 1. Disable Default Comments.
The first thing you should do it to disable blogger default comments. because you don’t want to have 2 comments forms.
go to your blogger account, navigate to settings >> comments
and next to comments field choose Hide, then scroll down and click > Save Templates
Step 2. Generate your Facebook App ID.
now you should generate your own facebook app id, it’s really easy and one step process,
just go to this page, facebook developers
then click + Set Up New Application
enter your application name, ( you can type any name )
and check agree and click Create Application
then click on Connect tab (on the left tabs-list) or see the next image.
and fill the following info.
Connect URL : Enter your blog url and you must enter it with an ending dash. (for example: .
Base Domain you must type
then click strong>agree and click Save Changes
on the next page facebook will generate you alot of info. you’ll need only one line, it’s App ID:
just copy it and keep any where, we’ll need it in the next steps. please see the following image to see where you’ll find your facebook App ID:.

Step 3. Codes To Add To Your Template.
you must add the following codes to your blogger template to ensure that the comments box will work for your blog in the right way.
and in this step we’ll add the following codes,
  • xmlns attribute
  • SDK script
  • Open Graph protocol tags

  • Adding the xmlns attribute :
please go to your blogger account again, and navigate to, layout >> edit html >> and check Expand Widget Templates
then find the following code,
you’ll find it on the top of your code. second or third line, and after it add the following code,
  • Adding the SDK script Code :
search for
and after it add the following code, 


but please don’t forget to change YOUR APP ID to your app id ( you got it in the previous step ).
  • Adding the Open Graph protocol tags:
copy the following code.

and change the colored text to the following,
Change MY-SITE-NAME with the one you want to appear when a user likes a page. (Gil likes Helping on Facebook)
Change…/blogger_logo.gif with your blog logo, or remove the all tag if you don’t want it.
Change YOUR-APP-ID with your application ID number.
Change YOUR-FACEBOOK-PROFILE-ID with your own facebook user profile ID.
after making this changes add the above code just before
now we finished adding the facebook codes to your template,
 please click > SAVE TEMPLATES  then check your blog. i wish it looks great and works perfectly.

warning, if you have facebook like button installed on your blog please remove it before applying this Change.
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