JustUnFollow Unfollow Those Who Don’t Follow You On Twitter Cool

Out of the bag of Twitter applications that enables the Twitter users to enhance and upgrade their Twitter-account usage, comes this online application called ‘JustUnfollow’ which will help you to simply unfollow the Twitter users who do not follow you.
What JustUnFollow Do?
  • This application is not built for bulk unfollowing (actually any twitter application offering bulk unfollow is violating Twitter TOS), Once logged in to JustUnfollow, you can choose the users to unfollow.
  • At any point, JustUnfollow would display 50 of your non-followers to you(the developers of the app are working upon  to show you a list of all your non-followers on login). You can then view info about each of the non-followers and unfollow those you think are not worth following.
  • JustUnfollow uses twitter oAuth for authentication so there’s no need to share your twitter password. Just sign in using your twitter account and view your non followers. Then, choose which non-followers on twitter to unfollow.

So, try out this Twitter application and also tweet about JustUnFollow to all your Twitter followers.

  THis rating 3.5 / 5 | Visit http://www.justunfollow.com/
About JustUnFollow.com
JustUnfollow is a simple unfollow twitter app that lets you unfollow non followers. Basically, the app displays twitter users who do not follow you.
How Is JustUnFollow.com Useful?
Once logged in to JustUnfollow, you can choose those Twitter users whom you want to unfollow.

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