How to Create a Ringtone for iPhone With Any Music File

hi friends today we learn How to Create a Ringtone for iPhone With Any Music File

Things You’ll Need
- A PC with software that is compatible with iTunes (i.e. Windows XP and up) or a Mac
- iTunes version 9.2 or higher
- The song you wish to convert to a ring tone loaded up on iTunes
- iPhone (EDGE, 3G, 3GS, 4)
- iPod/iPhone cable
If you have purchased a song on iTunes and it is over 3 years old and would like to use it to create your ring tone, you may experience difficulties creating the AAC version.
Steps :
1- Boot up your PC and run iTunes
2- Click on your music library which should be on the top left corner
3- Once you have clicked on your library, click on the search bar that appears on the top right corner and type in the name of your song and artist
4- Click on the “options” tab that is displayed on the tabs above like shown in the picture.

5- Select the “Start Time” option and adjust the timer to the exact time in your song where you want your ringtone to begin.

6- Once you have established the beginning of your ringtone go down to the “Stop Time” option right below the “Start Time” option and select the exact time you would your ringtone to stop.
7- Right click on your song and select “Create AAC Version” option from the scroll down menu (Your AAC version will be much shorter than the original version of your song, this is your ringtone, but it’s not finished yet!)

8- Left click and hold your newly created AAC file and drag it to your desktop, then simply release your left mouse button. A copy of your newly created AAC will be created on your desktop.
9- Minimize iTunes and select the AAC file of your song that you have just dragged onto your desktop (only select! Don’t open it. You will notice that once selected, the full name of the file will appear and then there will be a period separating another set of letters which should be”.m4a;” this is your file’s extension )
10- Right click on your previously selected song file and select the “Rename” option that will appear on your scroll down menu.
11- Click inside the name are of your file and only delete the characters “m4a” with your backspace key and replace them with “m4r” (do not delete the period separating your file’s name from the extension!)

12- A warning message will appear displaying the following, or a similar message: click “Yes”

13- The file you have just created by changing your file’s extension is your ringtone! Now simply left click and hold to drag it back onto your iTunes program which should already be open.
14- Click on your music library if you are not already in it and type in the name of your file on the search bar located on the top right corner of iTunes.
15- 3 Files with the same name should appear: your original file, your AAC file, and your newly created ringtone. Delete your AAC file that was created on your iTunes, but NOT your newly created ringtone! You can do this by right clicking on your AAC file and selecting the “delete” option on the scroll down menu. It will ask you if you would like to remove this file from iTunes or to move file to the recycle bin. Click on “Move to Recycle Bin”.

16- Click on the “Ringtones” tab under “LIBRARY” located on the top left corner of iTunes. You should be able to see your ringtone
17- Plug in your iPhone with the provided USB cord and wait for it to “Sync”
18- Once the “Sync” is completed, simply left click and drag on your ringtone and drop it onto your iPhone. You should see the announcement that your file is being copied to your iPhone and that it is “Syncing”. You have now successfully created and added a ringtone to your iPhone!
19- Instructions for a Mac
20- Follow steps 1-10 on the Windows instructions
21- Step 11: press the “Intro/Return” key and simply change the file to a “.m4r”
22- Follow steps 13-19.
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