how Hide Blogger Nav Bar hear is the code

hi guys, few days ago, one of my visitors asked my about how to hide the blogger navbar and make it appear when hovering it.
actually i liked the idea and i thought it would be great to make it. so i’m here today to tell you how, it’s very easy and it’s one step process and it’s all done by tweaking blogger navbar code.
Adding the code to your blog.

Please log into your blogger account.

Now navigate to Layout >> Edit html >>

and find the following code :

And Before it, add the next one :
#navbar-iframe {

/* IE7, IE8, IE6 */
  #navbar-iframe { height/*\**/: 30px\9; }

#navbar-iframe:hover {
  height:40px; !important; 
Now click Save Template
And You Are done,

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