How earn just Write a Good Product Review

Writing product reviews is a really good thing to do. They give other people first-hand information about a particular product and you can also earn money from it online. It’s really important that you write a good

product review, though, as this will maximise its utility, make it more relevant to the people who read it and make it more likely that you will be paid for writing reviews and get asked to do them again. Here are some

top tips on how to write a good product review.
Get straight to the point
People want to know straight away what it is you’re reviewing. State it clearly and simply – preferably in the
title of your piece – so they know immediately what it’s about. They don’t want to have to go hunting through your article to find out which product you’re talking about as it won’t make any sense. Tell people the subject
of your review and then get on with reviewing it.

What are the aims of the product?

Before you can say whether or not a product is successful, you need to say what it was intended to do. See if
you can find some literature or information from the company who produced the product to see what their
intentions for it were. Make sure it’s clear in your review what the key aims were so people can judge the rest
of your review against them.

What does the product do?

This is the bit where you write exactly what the product does. Compare its written specification to the results
you actually achieved. For instance, if you are reviewing a computer, does it achieve the speeds it says it
should? What is the specification on it and how does it compare to others on the market? This is the factual

bit that explains the product in question. You don’t have to cover every little detail, but you should make sure
your review touches on all the key points and perhaps highlights some issues or features that otherwise wouldn’t receive much attention. You can also bring in some general opinions about the product.

Other information

This is your chance to go into more detail about aspects of the product and review any individually significant

components. For example, if you are reviewing a computer game, think about the quality of the graphics, the
storyline and the characters involved. You can review them all separately and also say how they fit together as
a whole. Does the product work despite some flaws, or is there something about it that stops it being as
successful as it could be?

Final thoughts

It’s often a good idea to sum up your thoughts about the product into one or two sentences at the end of the review to give an overall impression about it.

Where can you buy it?

People tend to read product reviews because they are interested in buying what you are writing about. Make sure you include links and prices so people know where they can buy it and how much it is. Make this really clear so they can just click straight through to the website where the product is available for purchase.
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