Creating No-Follow links, Target Blank Links, Hypertext links in Blogger, WordPress

In today’s post, I’m going to talk about what are nofollow tags, how and where to use them on your page content with other some hyperlink properties.

What is nofollow?

Nofollow is an HTML attribute that we use as a part of hyperlink to instruct Google not to distribute any page rank value to the linking website whether its website own page or any page on other domains.
So we can use this rel=nofollow tag with our links where we don’t want to pass Google page rank to other websites. There can be many situations when we would not love to pass page rank to other websites.


Reasons why we should use nofollow tags

  • Suppose we are promoting some affiliate link on our website or blog, there is no point in passing a page rank to it
  • And if we are selling some test or banner links on our websites, should keep them nofollow. Because if we pass page rank to the advertiser’s website, we are taking risk of getting some form of penalty from Google (that may came in the form of low page rank or no page rank at all)
  • There is no point in sending page rank juice to your website pages like About US, Contact Us, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy etc. So keep all of these links as nofollow.
  • When we are writing content on our website and link to external websites within our content, so its upto you to decide whether you want so send some page rank juice to these websites or not.

Adding No-follow tag to a Link

Generally we use the following link format:
<a href=””>Earn Money Online Online</a>
And in this case we are passing the page rank to website and this link will look like on our webpage as:
Make Money Online
There are many things we can use with our hyperlinks like using Seo optimized anchor texts as I used in the example above and included the keyword make money online for which I actually want to get high rankings in search engines. So we can repeat the same thing with other websites. If we use keyword based anchor texts in our hyperlinks, we will be helping other websites to rank well for those keywords.
Here are some other standard hyperlink examples where I actually linked to my websites internal pages with the keywords I want to get top rankings in search engines:
Blog Tips
Seo Tips

Now let’s see a working example of website called SponsoredReviews with which I have been working as an affiliate and sending new Advertisers and Publishers to their network and will be able to make some money depending upon the activities my referrals will do on this paid blogging network. So to link to this network, I will be adding the nofollow tag to my link as:
<a href=”″ rel=”nofollow”>Sponsored Reviews</a>
So in this case, I will be sending them the traffic, but will not be passing any page rank or search engine value to Sponsored Reviews keyword.
So this is how we add nofollow tag to a link. Just add rel=”nofollow” to a link where you don’t want to send some page rank and search engine rankings value.

How to find a link is no-follow or not

There is a Firefox plugin available called Search Status which helps you find out whether a link in nofollow or not. A nofollow link using this ad-on from firefox will look like:
And in case you are not using this plugin, your link will look very normal i.e.
Sponsored Reviews

How to add target blank to a link

We add target=”_blank” to a link where we don’t want to open the linking page in the same window. When we specify target blank to a link, linking website will open in new tab. And in case we don’t specify target blank value to a link, lining page will open in the same window. So you can think of using target blank value when linking to external websites or some affiliates. Here is the HTML code for this:
<a href=”″ rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>Sponsored Reviews</a>

How to create nofollow hyperlink in Blogger, WordPress

Login into your blogger account and open a post in which you want to make a link nofollow
Now select the text that you want to use as Anchor text for your link in HTML view and click ‘Link’ icon shown in the blogger editor and enter the website URL, you want to link to
And now add rel=”nofollow” after adding a space just after the website URL. Click Publish Post button to see nofollow tag in action in your blogger post.
In the same fashion, you can add nofollow tag to WordPress blogs as well.
Let me know in the comment section if you have any doubts or problems in adding any of your blog or website
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