Blogging Niche is Miles Away from Saturation

Blogging has emerged as a major profession in last two years or so for everyone. Whether young or old,

professional or part timer, single or married, boy or girl, everyone is getting hooked. Blogging gives them a
platform to reach the masses and share with them their ideas, thoughts and knowledge.

But the most surprising thing has been that the majority of the blogs has been on this niche i.e. Blogging, SEO,
Making Money and stuff related to this. No offence meant to other niches but they have been outpaced by the

growing blogs in this niche. And this rise sends a message to the blogosphere that this niche is not on the verge of saturation.

People might say that hey, what this saturation is. Before this blog, I had started few blogs that were not
success. So, before starting this one, I decided to study few things about blogging which would help me in

future. And on few blogs, I read about saturation of this niche and how it is coming to an end.

By saturation, what they wanted to say that there is not enough scope to expand in this niche. The material is shrinking and after some time, the blogs here would not have anything to share that people does not know

already. Obviously, my first reaction was disappointment but nevertheless I started because I loved blogging

and this is the only niche where I can blog. I did not care about saturation at that time.
And now after a considerable amount of time that I have spent in blogosphere, I can say that this niche is nowhere near to saturation nor it will ever saturate. The whole concept of saturation is in mind. When your

brain saturate and you stop thinking about ways to innovate and write, then the actual saturation creeps in. But if you are really passionate about what you do, I can guarantee that this will never happen.

Saturation, in general usage, means that no further progress can be made. If anyone of you seriously believes that this has arrived, just think about Darren Rowse who is blogging constantly since last 10 years. If

saturation had arrived, he would have been affected for sure. But that has not happened and that very much
validates the point that the saturation is miles away.
And one more testimony to this fact is the rising number of blogs. These new bloggers are writing good and

useful posts continuously. If they would have believed in saturation, they would have never started their blog and blogosphere would be deprived of their wonderful ideas.

Again, I say, this is an illusion of mind. If you believe that saturation has arrived, then no one can make you
believe that it has not. And if you believe that the niche has not saturated and there is enough scope to write,

then you can and you will keep writing for years and years to come.

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